Analysis of the First 3 Chapters of Brad Thor’s Spymaster



The newest thriller in the #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 Publishers Weekly bestselling series!

Across Europe, a secret organization has begun attacking diplomats. Back in the United States, a foreign ally demands the identity of a highly placed covert asset. In the balance hang the ingredients for all-out war.

With his mentor out of the game, counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath must take on the role he has spent his career avoiding. But, as with everything else he does, he intends to rewrite the rules—all of them.

In Spymaster, Scot Harvath is more cunning, more dangerous, and deadlier than ever before.

If you have never read a Brad Thor novel, this is the place to start!


Brad Thor releases an excerpt of his new novel Spymaster!



*Please read the excerpt from the link above before reading the analysis below. Spoiler alert. *



Chapter 1 Analysis


The setting of the first scene takes place in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway on a mission with a small counterterrorism unit from Norway’s Police Security Service (PST). They’re in the midst of a snow or ice storm while slowly approaching their target in a wide ravine. But soon they get cold feet as the situation quickly turns on its head.

This whole situation sounds off for some reason as your read the first chapter. First, the leader of the unit pushes them to continue despite the conditions of the weather, the feelings of his men, or the fact that their radios won’t work.  Second, the last minute decision by the Norwegian government insisting on adding two outsiders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Third, the team was unable to conduct further surveillance using a drone so they had to “go in blind.” Fourth, their snipers were unable to find a place to setup so they were forced to get closer to the target.

After you read the first chapter you’ll realize none of the conditions were right, yet the PST leader pushes to continue despite the circumstances and growing unease of his men.


Questions following chapter 1

  1. What was the importance of the mission to strike under the circumstances and two commanders to push forward?
  2. What was the role of the Norwegian government in adding two outsiders to the mission?
  3. The two outsiders were sent from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but why?


My response: 

I love how Brad Thor begins with a mission with shady circumstances. It sets the tone of the book, lays the foundation of the story, and helps build suspense. Juicy!




Suspense film. Serie géneros cinematográficos.




Chapter 2 Analysis 


In chapter two, the two unknown visitors are revealed as Scot Harvath and and someone named Monica Jasinski. I love how Harvath is seen in action saving her life and his own in the process. His quick thinking, checking her injuries, and making sure she was safe says a lot about our hero.

As you read this chapter you’ll realize the mission quickly goes south and loses the element of surprise.


Questions following chapter 2


  1. Was this an ambush or were the terrorists just lucky?
  2. If it were an ambush how did they know they were coming?
  3. Is there any salvagable evidence from the scene?
  4. What is the relationship between Scot Harvath and Jasinski?
  5. Was Harvath working undercover to accomplish this mission?
  6. How many from the counterterrorism unit survived?


My response:

I’m very curious about the outcome of this mission and what it means for Harvath going forward. He’s always wrapped up with a female to some degree or another, so I’m wondering how much their relationship bears weight on the story. Sounds like she has a lot of questions about him from chapter two!






Chapter 3 Analysis 


At the begining of chapter three Harvath is showcasing his skills in hot pursuit of one of the bad guys. Another thing I love about Scot Harvath is that he’ll go to the ends of the earth to accomplish his mission. And, most likely breaking every rule along the way. His analytical, tracking and survival skills were on full display here. Quick thinking, action, preparation, training allowed him to make the best of the circumstances and come away with some key intel for the US government.


Questions following chapter 3

  1. I’m not sure at this point how much weight the Norwegian terrorists have in the story but–who were they?
  2. What’s the status of Reed Carlton’s health?
  3. How will the news of Carlton affect Harvath here on out?
  4. Will there be repercussions for Harvath?
  5. What will the US government do with the intel they received from Harvath?
  6. How will the relationship between Jasinski and Harvath unfold?


My response: 

The first three chapters are great suspense builders for the story. I failed to mention that at the end of chapter three it’s revealed the investigation is headed up by Jasinski. This definitely will spice things up a bit and I’m in full anticipation on what happens next.



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